Interim Ministry Resources


Family Rules

Suggested Books

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  1. Platform, Michael Hyatt
  2. Leaders Who Last, Margaret Marcuson
  3. How Your 21st Century Church Family Works, Peter L. Steinke
  4. Healthy Congregations, Peter L. Steinke
  5. Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times, Peter L. Steinke
  6. A Door Set Open, Peter L. Steinke
  7. Generation to Generation, Edwin H. Friedman
  8. A Failure of Nerve, Edwin H. Friedman
  9. Friedman’s Fables, Edwin H. Friedman
  10. Transitions, William Bridges
  11. Managing Transitions, William Bridges
  12. The Way of Transition, William Bridges
  13. Healing Hurting Churches, Don Hebbard

Here are more books I listed in a blog post: Books I’ve Found Helpful

Other Tools

  1. Interim Ministry Network John Parker, Gail, and I participated in Basic Education from the Interim Ministry Network 1998-1999. There were two weeks of class instruction and six months of fieldwork. This was eight years before we started interim ministry. I took a refresher course from the Interim Ministry Network, in March 2007. The IMN was started in 1981 to teach individuals how to lead groups (churches) in managing transition. They work with all religious groups. I found the principles I learned helpful during my last eight years of full-time work, as well as in interim ministry. You can find out about the services offered and training by clicking this link: Interim Ministry Network .
  2. Scrivener 
  3. Markdown 
  4. Contacts, 6,629 – invest for great rewards later
  5. Questions to Learn More About Your Family