Trip to Israel


Have you dreamed about visiting the land where Jesus walked? Would you like to see the traditional place where Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount and read Matthew 5-7 at that spot? Would you like to visit Jerusalem where Jesus often came and observe where He was tried, where He was crucified, was buried, and rose from the dead?

I have been encouraged and moved during the three trips I’ve taken. I look forward to traveling there in May 2019 with my family and would like to invite you to come along.

Dr. Rodney Cloud

Rodney Cloud has been to Israel twenty times. He has spent his life teaching the Bible, Hebrew, and Greek, and leading people to study Bible accounts in the places where they happened. He will be teaching during the trip, describing what we’re seeing, and giving us the benefit of his years of study and experience of traveling to Israel and participating in archeological work.

If you would like more information, please click on the picture or button below and read the itinerary and other details about this wonderful opportunity.

Olive Trees in Israel

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Jerrie Barber
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