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During my first three years of preaching, I typed a three or four-page outline, studied, referred to the outline, and read longer passages.

When I took Homiletics from Tom Holland, he gave us a requirement to pass the course: prepare a fifteen-minute sermon and deliver it without notes. I decided if I had to do that for the course, I’d start doing it every Sunday.

For the next twenty-five years, I preached without notes, with few exceptions. I enjoyed eye contact and being well-prepared.

An elder told me I was too stiff. It would be OK to refer to notes.

I noticed myself avoiding contact with people before the sermon. I constantly reviewed the points and sub-points before the sermon — even during worship. I start making notes on the edges of my Bible near the text. It started getting crowded around the edges.

I also noticed I was delaying some topics and passages I hadn’t memorized.

After using a computer for a few years, it occurred to me that my computer and printer were much neater and easier to read than my writing.

I developed templates and forms for printing on Post-It® notes


I prefer white Post-It® notes. I can now buy them from Amazon. For years, I could only find yellow and other colors. White Post-It® notes

I type my condensed notes to be printed on Post-It® notes.

This is how that will look.

I have a template set up in two columns with margins that match the size of a Post-It® note. Turn on the line numbers to get the correct place for printing. I will show that next. Download the template for this:

The outline is typed, so the notes will be printed where they are pasted on the printing template. Start the first page of your outline on line 1. Stop with line 18. Start the second note with line 26 and end with line 41. Start the third page with line 57 and end with line 74. Start page four of your outline with line 81 and end with line 97. Depending on your computer and printing, you may need to adjust these numbers. I turn off the Line Numbers before I print. Feed the template into the printer STICKY SIDE FIRST. Download this template:

After the sermon, I stuck the Post-Its® to my outline and filed it, and it’s ready to go the next time I want to preach this sermon. The numbers in circles are the sequential numbers of the notes.

Abbreviations reduce the size of the outline

Hebrew rules=few or no vowels: I cn d ll thngs thrgh X wh strngthns m. Ph4:13
2-letter books of the Bible
X=Christ, Jesus


I type in 10 point.

If this sounds interesting and you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:


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