Interim Between Interims

Gail and I returned to Nashville from Pacific, Missouri, on August 31. We enjoyed our work there, and the brethren were kind to us. They rented a U-Haul, loaded the truck, and two of them (Tracy Ring and Jimmy Smith) drove to Nashville and placed our stuff in the house. Jimmy noticed trees growing in our gutters and cleaned our gutters before they returned to Pacific.

We’re planning to take a few months off before our next interim.

Gail’s book is selling well and helping many people. She gets frequent calls, letters, texts, emails, and messages on Facebook about how her story has encouraged others.

For the next few months, we plan to visit every church where we’ve worked full-time and as an interim to give them a copy of Gail’s book and my book for their library.

Gail is available to speak for ladies’ days, speaking to ladies’ groups, children and staff in brotherhood children’s homes, schools, and book signings.

Gail speaking to children and staff at Children’s Home, Inc., Paragould, Arkansas.

Gail signing books.

Gail featured on Stories of Amazing Grace, June 7, 2023. Click on the picture below to see on YouTube:

I will be available for short assignments: Sundays, Wednesday nights, and short workshops.

Let us know if we can be helpful to you.
(615) 584–0512

You can buy our books on Amazon:

Fleecy Clouds: One Woman’s Story of Surviving and Thriving after Childhood Abuseclick on the book to go to Amazon

Between Preachers: You Can Grow Through Interim Ministry: — click on the book to go to Amazon

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