Between Preachers: You Can Grow Through Interim Ministry — PUBLISHED!

When I started working with churches between preachers nearly thirteen years ago, several people, said, “You should write a book on interim ministry.”

I started the blog Between Preachers in January 2016 which became the book released last week.

Between Preachers is now available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon.


[callout]I started Between Preachers blog four years ago to blog a book. If you read from the first post, you can read the content in the book free on this website. If you would like it in book form, it is available in paperback and Kindle.[/callout]


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Dale Jenkins says in the Foreword:

While brother Jerrie has written the only book I know of by a member of the church of Christ on interim ministry, the excellent principles in this book could well be used as a book on healthy moving, or healthy leader/minister relations, or a book for every Christian on healthy living! I’d encourage you to purchase one for every elder you know.

Table of Contents

Endorsement for Between Preachers
Introduction: Have You Noticed?
The Journey Between Preachers
Chapter 1: How Can We Improve Without Changing? The Desire of Many in Transition
Chapter 2: How Long Will It Take? Why Can’t We Just Get On with the Lord’s Work?
Chapter 3: What (Who) Is the Problem? Can We Fix It Quickly?
Chapter 4: Principle 1 of Family Systems: The Identified Patient: What’s Wrong with Him (Us)?
Chapter 5: Principle 2 of Family Systems: Homeostasis (Balance): How Can We Improve and Stay the Same (Not Change)?
Chapter 6: Principle 3 of Family Systems: Differentiation: How Can We Be Connected — But Not Stuck?
Chapter 7: Principle 4 of Family Systems: Extended Family Field: Were (Are) My Relatives Human?
Chapter 8: Principle 5 of Family Systems: Emotional Triangle: How Can I Keep from Getting Caught in the Middle?
Chapter 9: I Don’t Like it this Way! But I Like It the Way It Is Better than What It Would Take to Change It
Chapter 10: Is There Any Hope for This Church? Should We Trash This One and Start Over?
Chapter 11: Interim Minister Working Agreement: Good Relationships Begin with Clear Understanding and Mutual Agreements
Chapter 12: How Much Do You Pay an Interim? What Is Fair Compensation for the Interim Preacher and the Congregation?
Chapter 13: “I Don’t Think We Need to Write It!” Objections to Written Working Agreements
Chapter 14: How Do You Get the Word Out? How Do People Know You Would Like to Work as an Interim?
Chapter 15 Beginning an Interim Ministry at a New Church: My First Three Rules: Clear Expectations Reduce Conflict and Disappointment
Chapter 16: Name Memory Rule: What Happens When I Don’t Remember Your Name?
Chapter 17: Communication Rules: How Will Each Know What the Other Is Thinking?
Chapter 18: Criticism Rule: A Leader Is More Like a Lightning Rod than a Cute Wall Decoration
Chapter 19: Originality Rule: I Make No Claims to Originality
Chapter 20: Discussion Rules: Guidelines for a Peaceful and Productive Meeting
Chapter 21 Opening Family Meeting: An Introduction to Transition and Interim Ministry
Chapter 22: Staff Meetings: Coordinating and Growing Individually and as a Group
Chapter 23: Transition Monitoring Team: What Are People Thinking, Saying, Asking, Losing, Fearing, and Hoping?
Chapter 24: Self-Study Survey: What Kind of Preacher Do We Want? Will That Kind of Preacher Want Us?
Chapter 25: Introduction to this Church and Our Community: Would You Want to Work with This Church and Live in This Community?
Chapter 26: Timeline: Are We Growing, Plateaued, or Declining?
Chapter 27: Learning from Previous Shepherds: What I See Now, I Wish I Had Known Then
Chapter 28 Preaching During the Interim…Beginning: Let’s Look at Ourselves Before We Start Looking for a Preacher
Chapter 29: Preaching During the Interim…Church Problems: Why Did We Have Problems in the Church?
Chapter 30: Preaching During the Interim…Workshops and Closing: Practical Principles and Closing Sermons
Chapter 31 The Search: Who Will Participate?
Chapter 32: Search Team Training: How Do You Look for a New Preacher?
Chapter 33: Preacher Search — Interviews: What Will You Ask and What Will You Be Asked?
Chapter 34: Checking References: Do You Want to Know the Truth?
Chapter 35: Suggestions for the Preacher Search: Suggestions from Observation and Experience About Looking For a Preacher
Chapter 36: When and How Will the Next Preacher Leave? How Long Do You Plan to Stay? How Do You Plan to Leave?
Chapter 37 The Preacher Who Is Being Considered 1: How Were You Approached?
Chapter 38: The Preacher Who Is Being Considered 2: Are They Interested in You…or Just Anybody?
Chapter 39: The Preacher Being Considered 3: Are You Interested in This Church…or Just Anywhere?
Chapter 40: The Preacher Being Considered 4: Have You Checked the Church’s References?
Chapter 41: Leaving an Interim Church: Finishing and Saying Good-Bye
Chapter 42: Evaluation: What Was Helpful? What Can Be Improved?
Chapter 43 When You Don’t Need an Interim: Making a Planned Transition Without an Interim

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2 Responses to “Between Preachers: You Can Grow Through Interim Ministry — PUBLISHED!

  • I just want to say one thing about this book; what too you so long to write a needed book like this? I have purchased it today, and can’t wait until I receive it. I hope you are enjoying the Freed-Hardeman lectureship this year. I wish I could attend, but research and ministry both are holding me hostage. Take care brother and I thank God for your wisdom and insight in real issues that ministers are facing every day. You are truly a blessing to the brotherhood and ministry. Keep writing on these issues; we need this kind of scholarship that can be applied immediately. Say hello to your wife and thank her for sharing you with all of us.

    • Jerrie W. Barber
      4 years ago


      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I hope you find a “mustard seed” that will be helpful.