Helpful Hints for Elders, Preachers, and Others

Between Preachers is being re-released this week with a hardcover edition added.

In addition to discussing an intentional interim between preachers, there’s much more in Between Preachers.

Practical Topics in the Book:

  • What’s going on in this church? Whose fault is it?
  • Should elders and preachers have a working agreement?
  • What should be included?
  • Should it be written?
  • How to deal with criticism.
  • Guidelines for a Good Discussion
  • What do you ask a prospective preacher?
  • What does a preacher ask a prospective church?
  • How important is it for elders and preachers to check references on each other?
  • How much do you pay an interim?
  • What is a good way to leave a church?
  • And many more…

Between Preachers has much that’s helpful for preachers and elders (and others): samples of interviews, a contract, and training for the process are in the book’s chapters and in the Appendix.

Dale Jenkins wrote in the Forward:

While brother Jerrie has written the only book I know of by a member of the church of Christ on interim ministry, the excellent principles in this book could well be used as a book on healthy moving, or healthy leader/minister relations, or a book for every Christian on healthy living! I’d encourage you to get one for every elder you know.



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