When a preacher stays a long time, usually, the church doesn't like the next preacher.

I volunteer to be the next preacher they don't like.

During the six to eighteen months Gail and I work with them,

they have time to grieve their losses and wisely select their next preacher.

This website describes how we do it.


Between Preachers

Fleecy Clouds, by Gail Champion Barber Available on Amazon!

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Between Preachers — ideas to improve transitions

Jerrie's book about interim ministry

When a preacher stays a long time, usually the church doesn’t like the next preacher. I volunteer to be the next preacher they don’t like. During the six to eighteen months Gail and I work with them, they have time to grieve their losses and wisely select their next preacher. This book describes how we do it.

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Roger Leonard recommends Between Preachers, by Jerrie Barber

My wife, Alisa, and I were in the first Interim Ministry workshop Jerrie conducted. It was most informative and helpful. This book is an excellent summary of the workshop and thorough guide to getting started in interim ministry, and for churches to understand how it can work positively. There are supplementary resource recommendations inside. Preachers, elders, deacons and other church members can work toward better communication, relationships, transitions, and longer term preacher tenures by using the ideas in this book. 

— Roger L. Leonard

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My Interim Principles

Block 1
  • I have no desire to be your next full-time preacher. I am an intentional interim. I will be with you while you are selecting your next preacher.

  • We will negotiate an agreement that will be mutually beneficial.

  • The usual working agreement is six to eighteen months.

  • The cost is adjusted to the size of the congregation.

  • The interim time is an opportunity for learning and growing spiritually while you are in transition.

What People Have Said about Interim Ministry

  • Helpful: You have taught me by word and example to bring my troubles feelings between brother and sisters in Christ directly to them. I've come to the conclusion (by your influence) that our mess at Central happened because we failed to have heart to heart talks with each other about our hurt feelings with each others. As Christians we should have worked thing out. Improvements: You'll both notice that 4½ above are hi-lighted; it's my way of saying that you're both doing a "super job" but should keep working for perfection. — Robert Centracchio P.S. Thank you Jerry for all you taught me and for helping me to grow as a Christian
    Comments Jerrie brought a wealth of practical wisdom to Collegeside at a time when we really needed it. From his proven, methodical process for selecting a new minister to his leadership coaching to his memorable sermons, he is an exceptionally gifted minister with a true passion for the interim process. Our church family is healthier and more unified than we have been in a long time, and God working through Jerrie and his wife Gail is a big reason why. Pros Offered practical lessons and classes full of memorable catch phrases. I have been particularly blessed by the concepts of "the mustard seed, " "family rules," and the "rose garden." Revolutionized the way we value and practice personal recognition within our church Connected with people from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds Provided decades of real-world personal experiences that applied to any situation Was exceptionally hard-working and dedicated Understood the value of repetition and simplicity to the learning process Coached our leadership on ways they could improve, yet did not force things, leaving it to them to initiate necessary personal and group change Demonstrated a good balance of strength of personality and true humility Cons Would not let us talk him in to staying permanently. — Brad Brown
    Jerrie has helped us to heal.  We all were hurting so badly when he came, we didn't know where to turn.  Jerrie always pointed us back to the scripture.  His response is like Jesus in the wilderness "It is written."  He also taught us to look introspectively and see what I can do to improve me.  We are much further along by having Jerrie here than if we had tried to move forward on our own.